For 8 years, Varshini Soobiah has supported the children of Zion by funding their living facility, education, nutritional support, medical needs, clothing and most importantly providing them with love and nurturing.

"I was on a pilgrimage 8 years ago in India during a break from studies in Ayurveda.  While passing through Andra Pradesh, my Aunty Suseela asked me to visit a child named Rachel whom she planned to adopt from an orphanage.  I arrived at a beaten- down square cement building, which had no amenities.  The children were sleeping on concrete floors and in shelves with no bedding. It was a small meager living space with very limited resources, no plumbing or electricity. 

I met with Pastor Victor and his wife Jayanthi.  This loving and devoted couple are true messiahs of love.  I fell in love with their genuine concern and passion to selflessly empower the lives of these children.  They chose a life devoted to God in thought, word and deed.  They have taken in children off the streets who suffered from prostitution, abandonment, poverty and neglect to provide an endless resource of love and compassion.  Their set up was in such a state of destitution I was deeply affected by their struggle. 

I felt so sad and personally helpless, the situation had such a profound effect on me, that I had to leave after 10 minutes of looking around.  I returned to my accommodations, and cried for about 2 days wondering how and why this can happen anywhere in the world because in the places I’ve lived I had not seen children put in such a position. Part of me wanted to send for my things and move in to help out, but the other part of me knew I could do much more from America.  While there I did as much as I could with local resources and returned home.

I sent money and donations as often as I could to aid their plight.  I know the Pastor received the donations each time because he would thank me often.  I would ask him what he needed and his answer was always simply, ”Food for the children please madam”.  Thanks to my dear friend Vijai Sai who over the years has been like a brother, I have been able to maintain contact and support with Zion.  Anytime I’m concerned about the children he drives out to their village and checks up on them.


When I was growing up my mother was a community activist and would chant to us, “Service to man is service to God”.  So on weekends we would go to parks and take bags to pick up the garbage with no one to answer to except her.  I always wondered why we did things that no one asked us to do and with no official authorities there to answer to, only my mom, who is unofficial, but as big as authority can get!  She would say, “It’s important to be a good citizen, not because people are watching you, but because you should feel responsible in your community”.  Those words became a part of my soul.  She had us sing songs in senior citizen homes and work in soup kitchens in the skid row area of Vancouver.  I watched my mom work a full-time job, maintain the temple, maintain a family of five, cook, clean, do laundry, teach Sunday school, help us everyday with our homework and make time for volunteer work.   She believed it is just as important as our home duties.  She is truly amazing and most importantly she

 invested a lot of time and love into our spiritual growth.


I have had a very blessed life so far and I feel responsible to make a change in the world. I have been a board member of Kids in Solitude since 9 years ago and have worked with lots of community service projects in Canada, USA, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Hawaii, Mexico and stay tuned! I work with Operations USA who is my umbrella foundation in support of my international efforts with various projects. Zion was the first orphanage I had visited.  Prior to visiting them I had never seen a more deserving group of children who desperately need our support.


My efforts currently are focused on purchasing a proper facility to accommodate the growing needs of this orphanage.  The challenges have been finding like-minded people who can help fund and/or fund raise the project to bring my ideas to fruition.   This spring I plan to travel to India with a group of donors to redevelop and see to fruition the goals that we have set. If you are interested in helping, have ideas, donations or contacts to aid our project I would love to hear from you.  Please email me and we will be in contact!


It’s time for us to feel personally responsible for what’s wrong in the world today.  It’s up to us to make a change. Gandhi says, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”.   So I'm starting here to show them we care. Why do I choose to help these 42 children of the millions that are starving across the world?  Because I can and so I will!"


Thank you for your support,

-Varshini Soobiah